What if a building could talk? Thanks to the Internet of Things, now it can. The latest suite of IoT solutions, powered by Sigfox’s reliable network dedicated to the Internet of Things, takes the concept of smart buildings to a whole new level.. This next generation of Sigfox-enabled IoT solutions is lower-cost, autonomous and more flexible than earlier generations of connectivity technology. It’s never been easier to gather real-time insights into infrastructure stability, rodent infestations, trash collection and more. Monitor building systems, track heavy equipment and secure valuable assets with wireless plug-and-play solutions that work well in both large and small buildings

Smoke and fire alerts sent via the Internet

The maintenance of fire safety equipment is time consuming and many man-hours are wasted to carry out pointless checks. Notifications activated by traditional smoke detectors may be incorrect or completely ignored. Smoke detectors connected to the Sigfox network can send real-time notifications, monitor the status, battery level as well as notify of disconnection or attempt to destroy equipment.